Is your dog a good candidate for Training Camp?

  • Does your dog need to learn basic and/or advanced obedience commands, Such as Heel, Sit, Down, Stay, Come, Back to Heel (Finish), Stand for Exam, Leave It, Off, Sitting Politely for Petting, Distraction Proofing etc. ?

  • Does your dog have common problems such as jumping, housebreaking, mouthing, chewing, pulling on the leash, crate training etc.?

  • Does your busy schedule not allow you to train your dog yourself?

  • Does your dog need additional socialization?

  • Would your dog benefit from learning how to behave in a “pack”?

We require a training evaluation or behavior evaluation prior to enrollment. The evaluation will help us determine if your dog is suitable for this program, as well as which level and length of camp is necessary in order allow for the best progress to be made.

Please contact our office for more information or to get started today and set up an evaluation!

Can I just bring my dog for a few days to get him trained?

We understand that 4 weeks away from your dog might be tough for you. However, to get the results you are desiring, 4 weeks is the absolute minimum in order to teach and enforce any commands and behaviors. 

People go to school for an average of 10-16 years. Although most dogs are very intelligent, dogs do by far not possess the mental capabilities that humans do. Therefore, it would be impossible to expect for any dog to be able to absorb training properly in less than 4 weeks. Most dogs learn rather quickly, but it takes time and repetition to retain new skills. 

How do I know which Level of training my dog needs?

We require a training evaluation or behavior evaluation to determine if your dog will benefit from camp, which level is appropriate and to determine the necessary length of the camp to achieve your goals.

LEVEL 1: For dogs under 8 months of age without behavioral problems. 

LEVEL 2: For dogs over 8 months of age without behavior problems. 

LEVEL 3: For dogs over 8 months of age with mild to moderate behavior problems

LEVEL 4: For dogs over 8 months of age with moderate to severe behavior problems.

LEVEL 5: For dogs over 8 months of age with severe behavior problems.