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For dogs 8 months or younger, without behavioral problems

Not sure which training program and method suits your dog best?

Often times, dog owners enroll their dog into a training program somewhere and hope that it works.

The wrong training approach can dramatically slow your dog’s progress or even prevent you from advancing all together. An incorrect training method can be the cause for unwanted behaviors. For example, if your dog is shy, a group class setting might be too overwhelming and may actually prevent your dog from learning. Many dogs get easily distracted and may be a handful in a group setting, whereas others need a group setting to become reliable around distractions.

Training your dog can never start too early!

It is best to begin training when your dog is still a puppy. Many dogs develop bad habits very quickly and it is best to prevent unwanted behaviors before they establish themselves as bad habits. Housebreaking, Jumping, Chewing, Barking and other unwanted behaviors are often the reason why dogs are surrendered to shelters and rescues.

Dogs do not have a long life-span compared to people – what is only weeks or months to us, is like years for your dog. Allowing your puppy to develop bad habits can be prevented by beginning the proper training early on. We have training programs that were specifically designed to suit even very young puppies.

Whether you are looking for basic obedience training or have bigger goals in mind, such as the Canine Good Citizen Certification or want to earn obedience titles, we can assist you in choosing the most beneficial training program and help you achieve your goals!

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